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The Regent Park Project: The Web Series - Seasons One and Two  out now!


Growing up in Regent Park is complicated. 

What should be a straightforward walk home goes terribly awry. Siblings clash - over culture, over family responsibilities, over bad choices. A vlogger finds his voice, and his friend loses his. 

Told through the eyes of youth from the community, The Regent Park Project opens the door to a world most people only see through the lens of stereotypes.

Instead, we invite you into a community full of complexity, and friendship, love and fear, laughter, and irony.


Trailer below

Watch Season Two Now!

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Quotes from viewers of Season 2:

• Just phenomenal.  Such compelling stories and impressive acting. The series is also beautifully shot.  I can't wait for more.  These are stories within stories and I want to know them all.  Thank you for this beautiful gift!

• So awesome to see all of the vibrancy in these young performers, creators, storytellers.  We need to see and hear these stories!! Congratulations on making such compelling films that tell such important stories.

• Wonderful, I'm so glad to see the real stories of underrepresented youth.  It humanizes the struggles of this community that other Torontonians only see on the news. 

•Great work!  So inspiring to see very young people organize and tell their stories. I felt like the stakes increased this year and you really let the scenes breathe.  Really impressed and can't wait for Season 3.

• Great for the community to have their voices heard - changing the narrative around the community is important and refreshing.

• So well done.  Believable scenes that left us wanting to know what will happen next.  Fascinating characters, great acting, professional presentation.

• I was not expecting it to end so suddenly!  What happened?  I must know.  Which obviously meant I enjoyed it.  Season 3 - let's go!

• Really impressed with the concept of this project and how it has been realized and the voice and development it has provided - Awesome!

• Awesome!! I looked around the audience and saw everyone captivated.  Storyline and actors outstanding.  Looking forward to many more seasons!

• Bravo!  It ended too soon!

• I was totally blown away!  I can't wait to watch season 1 and look forward to Season 3.   It's awesome that the cast gets to tell their stories because they are stories we should all hear.

• Genuine stories, acting was superb, congrats to director, film quality great, would love to see on CBC. Much more authentic versions of racialized people than we usually see.

• Inspirational, educational, moving and raw.  An important reminder of what actually happens on people's lives.

• Amazing, wonderful, my view of Regent Park has changed the way I think now - very touching.

• Very well done!  Quality of script, acting, storyline is all professional.  Important story to tell and make known to the wider Toronto community.  Kudos to all involved!

• So thrilled to see stories and voices being shared, so happy that young people from different areas of the city can now see these stories outside of what they hear on the news.  Fantastic!

• Great to see such young talent and to see the polished product.  Appreciated that they wrote the scripts and had a wonderful platform on which to tell their stories.

• Appreciative of the cultural representation - true to the community - well done, team!

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